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About Accelerate Climate Solutions

Accelerate Climate Solutions is a non-profit organization based in Naperville, Illinois. Our goal is to help our community access the resources they need to become more sustainable and combat climate change. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference. Our team is made up of experts in sustainability and environmental science, who are passionate about creating a better future for our planet. We offer a range of resources to help businesses, organizations, and individuals reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Let us help you make a positive impact on the world today.

Sustainable Solutions for a Better Future

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable future by helping adopt climate solutions within our communities and supporting future environmental leaders. By providing locally-tailored solutions for the Aurora/Naperville region, we can drive meaningful change and contribute to a healthier planet, while supporting a vibrant local economy and saving residents and businesses money.

Accelerate Climate Solutions envisions a future where residents of all income levels, businesses, nonprofits, and governments have access to energy-saving technologies and practices that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also save them money. This will lead to Aurora, Naperville, and surrounding communities achieving the goal of net zero carbon emissions by mid-century in a just and equitable manner. To further this vision, students need access to education and training to be part of creating climate and environmental solutions.

What We Do


Implement Local Solutions

We actively identify and promote practical solutions that reduce carbon pollution and support a healthy environment in Aurora, Naperville, and surrounding communities. We work with decision-makers, including governments, schools, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to support adoption of sustainable practices across energy, transportation, waste management, building development and operations, and natural resources. We connect these stakeholders with the financial incentives, financing, and installation contractors.


Workforce Development

Through programs such as BLAST (Building Leadership Around Sustainable Transformation), we create future leaders, who will contribute to solving climate and environmental problems across all sectors of the economy. We also coordinate with community colleges, labor unions, and other nonprofits to ensure a workforce that will meet the demands of electrification and energy efficient development.

Our Team

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34 W Chicago Ave, Suite A

Naperville, IL 60540

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