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Maureen Stillman

Board Member of Accelerate Climate Solutions

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About Maureen

Since 2019, Maureen Stillman has been the chair of the Energy committee of the Naperville Environmental and Sustainability Task Force (NEST), which is a volunteer organization reporting to the Naperville city council and mayor.  NEST works with Naperville electric utility and community stakeholders in an effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as it relates to energy.  The primary focus is on our electricity generation and empowering residents and commercial businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.  NEST worked with Naperville Electric to modify an incentive program which allows local rebates to both solar deployments and energy efficiency efforts, helping over 500 Naperville residents to deploy solar.  Ms. Stillman is also working with the Northern Illinois Conference United Methodist church, which includes 350 churches, on a NetZero initiative and has spoken at several local churches about sustainability. 


Maureen has a bachelor’s degree in Math from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master’s degree in computer science from Northwestern University.  Maureen is currently employed in cybersecurity support for mobile devices and is lucky to work on troubleshooting iOS and Android devices for her day job.


She is passionate about making the planet more sustainable for her two children and future generations to follow.  

Her hobbies are exercise, weight lifting and QiGong and she enjoys outdoor hiking in the DuPage forest preserves especially during the pandemic.  She is also a member of the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association, which promotes electric vehicles.

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