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Ideas Forum: Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Cast a Carbon Shadow: Meaningful Personal Climate Action

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

If you’re worried about climate change, you probably want to take steps in your own life to reduce your carbon footprint. Maybe you’ve already bought an electric vehicle or cut back on red meat. But what really has the most impact? For our November Ideas Forum, Cathy Clarkin, executive director of Accelerate Climate Solutions and co-chair of Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force (NEST) addressed various ways you can reduce carbon pollution from your home and lifestyle, and shared information on available incentives to save you money. She also discussed the concept of a carbon shadow - how you can look beyond your own personal actions to create broader change to address the climate crisis. About our speaker: Cathy Clarkin is an education facilitator, environmental chemist, co-founder of Accelerate Climate Solutions, as well as co-chair of the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force.

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