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EV Charging

An Essential Step to Slashing Emissions

Electric Car Charging Station

EV Charging Infrastructure is Needed to Support Widespread Adoption of Less Polluting Transportation

How Much Can You Save?

Naperville Renewable Energy Program rebate: up to $500 for non-residential and up to $700 for residential

Federal Tax Credit from the Inflation Reduction Act: up to $1000

Need an electrical upgrade first? You can get tax credits and incentives for that too!


  • IRS tax credits available now for electric panel upgrades: Federal Tax Credit: up to $600


Starting late 2023:

  • For families making <150% of the Area Median Income (AMI):

  • Point-Of-Sale Rebates for Wiring: up to $2500

  • Point-Of-Sale Rebates for Electric Panel: up to $4000

Visit Rewiring America's Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) calculator now to see which federal incentives ou qualify for.

Learn More

Incentives and rebates: Rewiring America IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) Calculator


Electrify your home and take advantage of incentives:

Visit to learn more about federal incentives for EVs.

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