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Accelerate is Helping Lower Carbon Pollution from Homes 

To address climate change, we need individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments to act. Each has the potential to create positive feedback, driving further reductions in carbon pollution. For example, homeowners and property managers can start asking for cold climate heat pumps when it's time to replace an A/C or furnace, driving HVAC installers to offer more options. For their part HVAC businesses can start offering heat pumps as customers' most energy efficient choice. And all of this can be supported and encouraged by government incentives, education, and building codes.

Accelerate has several initiatives to help homeowners and renters understand how to lower their carbon footprint and what government and utility incentives they can access:


Education: See our Resources for Homeowners and Renters page to learn what you can do and what incentives you qualify for. 


Outreach: Contact us if you'd like Accelerate to present to your homeowners' association, retirement community, or condo board. Here's an example presentation that Accelerate's co-founder and vice president gave a Naperville's Carrillon Club in June 2023. 


Coming soon:

  • Accelerate will work to educate HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) contractors in the Aurora/Naperville area on the benefits of and incentives for heat pumps. We will work with them to overcome any barriers or hesitancy related to adoption. 

  • We hope to partner with energy efficiency, solar, and HVAC experts so that you know who the trusted contractors are in the area. 


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