Thanks for visiting Accelerate Climate Solutions' website! We are a new nonprofit working in Naperville and Aurora. Our site is still under construction, so please stop by again soon to find more resources and learn what we are doing. In the meantime, we do have some resources to help individuals and families make positive changes that will save you money and protect the planet.

Individuals can take various steps to promote sustainability in their homes and communities. At home, reducing energy and water consumption can make a significant impact. They can use energy-efficient appliances, turn off electronics when not in use, and install a programmable thermostat. 

Additionally, individuals can minimize waste by recycling, composting, and using reusable products such as shopping bags, water bottles, and coffee cups. In communities, supporting local farmers and businesses, using public transportation or carpooling, and advocating for sustainable policies can make a difference.

Bikers and Walkers
Outdoor Enthusiasts

Businesses and Nonprofits (under construction)

Businesses can become more sustainable by implementing eco-friendly practices. This could include reducing energy and water usage, using renewable energy sources, and investing in energy-efficient technology. 

Businesses can also reduce waste by recycling and composting, using reusable products, and minimizing packaging. In addition, they can support sustainable transportation by providing bike racks, carpooling programs, and incentives for public transportation use.


Public Sector (under construction)

Local governments, schools and libraries can promote sustainable solutions for by implementing policies and initiatives that prioritize sustainability. This could include investing in renewable energy, implementing recycling and composting programs, and encouraging sustainable transportation options such as public transportation and bike lanes. 

They can also educate the public on the importance of sustainability through campaigns and outreach programs. Schools can incorporate sustainability into their curriculum and encourage students to take part in eco-friendly initiatives. 

Municipal Government
County Government
Public Schools