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Student-Led Projects

Accelerate Climate Solutions is committed to supporting student-led initiatives that address the biodiversity crisis or support decarbonization. We partner with young people who need help spreading the word about their work or are looking for a financial passthrough organization for managing grants and funds. We also provide mentorship and advice through the BLAST program.

Contact Accelerate Climate Solutions today if you are a student and would like to partner with us.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Seeds of Hope is an environmental initiative creating native seed libraries. Founded by  Jensen Coonradt and Aarin Bothra, Seeds of Hope gives students a chance to take and donate seeds to start their own gardens. Based in Illinois, the prairie state, we were concerned by the rapid loss of prairie plants. 

Reforest the Rainforest is an educational page made to enlighten people on ways they can help decrease deforestation. Founded by Grace Niketas, this section allows anyone to take initiative in helping the planet.

Aerial View of Deforestation
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