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Accelerate is Helping Businesses and Nonprofits to be More Sustainable and Supporting Green Job Opportunties  

Advising Businesses and Nonprofits

Accelerate Climate Solutions can connect your business, religious institution, or organization to resources, information, and contractors to "go green" and reduce your carbon pollution. Whether it's adding solar, switching to energy efficient heating and cooling, or creating a green purchasing plan, Accelerate Climate Solutions' experts can help. Contact us to start a conversation. 


Incentives can help with up-front costs for energy efficient technologies, reducing the total cost of ownership compared to traditional equipment. Accelerate can help your organization navigate these opportunities, saving you money.

Creating Future Environmental Leaders

Accelerate Climate Solutions is also working to build the green workforce by providing internship opportunities for high school, college, and graduate school students. We are also organizing BLAST, a challenge for local high school students to work individually or in groups to develop projects that address environmental problems. Finally, we meet with career development and community college professionals to support and advise on sustainable career opportunities.

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