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Accelerate is Advancing Sustainable Public Sector Initiatives

To address climate change, we need individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments to act. Each has the potential to create positive feedback, driving further reductions in carbon pollution.


Clean transportation can be supported and encouraged by government incentives, education, and city planning. Your individual choices on how you get around matter. What also matters is how we plan our urban environment, what infrastructure is available to charge your vehicle or park your bike, and how much your organizations', your city's, or your school district's fleet relies on fossil fuels.

Accelerate works with local organizations, such as the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force (NEST) and the Aurora Sustainability Commission to advance safe walking and biking routes and urban planning. We also work with our local governments  to inform them of funding opportunities for electric vehicle infrastructure and clean transit. Accelerate co-founders regularly meet with school district officials to discuss safe routes to school and electric school bus benefits and funding opportunities. See our EV Charging page for more info.

Sustainable Schools

Accelerate staff and board regularly meet with school district officials to discuss sustainable school initiatives, such as solar schools, energy efficient operations, recycling, and electric vehicles. We connect school officials to incentives and grants that will help them reduce operating costs while decarbonizing their buildings. 


Contact us if you'd like Accelerate to present to your school district or city staff about transitioning to low carbon operations and saving money.



Accelerate has a network of experts that can help identify and apply for funding.


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